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BMI Student Composer Awards (Deadline: February 1, 2018)

Submitted by

Who Can Apply:

  1. Must be a citizen of a country in the Western Hemisphere
  2. Currently studying music, either in an educational institution or privately
  3. Under the age of 28 as of time of submission
  4. Has not won a BMI Student Composer Award more than two times (Honorable Mention excluded)


  1. A composer may enter no more than one composition, which need not have been composed during the year of entry.
  2. The composer must warrant that he or she is the sole composer and owner of the composition; that it is an original work; that it has never been published (other than self published), recorded commercially, or received any prize or award, and that he or she has the full right and authority to enter the composition into the competition.
  3. Your score and its file name must be anonymous. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY of the following:
    1. Composer Name
    2. City, State of completion (check your double bar)
    3. Composer Pseudonym
    4. Publishing Company Logo
    5. Personal Logo
    6. Performing Rights Organization (PRO)
    7. Commission Information
    8. Dedications
    9. Premiere Information

    Your submission will be disqualified if ANY of the above identifiers are included. Please carefully check each page. No exceptions will be made. A number will be assigned to the application upon submission, to identify the score with the individual. SCORES SUBMITTED WITH ANY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION SUCH AS COMPOSER NAME, CITY AND STATE, NAME OF SCHOOL OR NAME OF PUBLISHER WILL BE DISCARDED AND WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

  4. If any text, lyric, or libretto (or a translation of any of these) is used in the composition, the composer must submit to BMI along with the entry either:
    1. Written permission from the copyright holder of the text, lyric, or libretto or translation for its use in the composition -OR-
    2. Information as to the source from which the text, lyric, libretto or translation was taken, with evidence that it is in the public domain. Please note, it is solely your responsibility to determine the copyright status of the source prior to submission of the entry. Potential resources to determine the current copyright status of a source include the U.S. Copyright Office and the Copyright Term and Public Domain in the United States Chart provided by Cornell University. If the composer is the author of the text, a statement to that effect must be included with the entry. Entries involving text submitted without this information will be discarded, and will not be considered. All submitted works must have only one composer of the music. Co-composed works are no longer accepted to the BMI Student Composer Awards.
  5. All submitted works must have only one composer. Co-composed works are no longer accepted to the BMI Student Composer Awards.

Deadline: February 1, 2018

Amount: Varies

Learn More: https://bmifoundation.org/programs/info/bmi_student_composer_awards