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Tenshon Scholarship (Deadline: July 15, 2018)

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Who Can Apply: You must be a currently enrolled college student.

Submission: Based on the following criteria, a winner will be chosen by the current design team, engineering department and management at Tenshon®:

1) Creativity – Above all, we want a designer that thinks outside the box. Be creative!

2) Build-Ability – The designed shade sail system must be build-able. Feel free to use our website as a reference and/or seek other information about limitations of shade sails. NOTE: We do not expect perfection here, but an obvious attempt must be made to design a shade sail system into a setting that can feasibly exist.

3) Practicality – Shade sails gained their name because they provide shade. While art has its place, we must merge art and function to satisfy the number one need of our clients, shade. All designs must therefore provide shade in the obvious places of your chosen setting.

4) Location – The applicability of the space will also be judged. It is important that you research images and find out what setting these structures are typically found within. Creativity here will be rewarded, however, be sure to adhere to points #2 and #3 (above) as well.

Deadline: July 15, 2018

Amount: $1,500

Learn More: https://www.tenshon.com/pages/scholarship