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The Ski Butlers Scholarship Fund (Deadline: January 31, 2016)

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Who Can Apply: Ski Butlers has created a $2,000 annual scholarship to award students who have a passion for skiing and/or riding and have used their passion to excel in the classroom. Ski Butlers believes that those who follow their passions are the happiest, strongest and most successful leaders in the world. It is Ski Butlers goal to ease the financial burden of students and help them reach their personal and educational goals. This scholarship will be awarded to help with tuition expenses.

Eligible students must have a passion for the mountains, skiing and/or riding and explain how their passion has made them a happier and more successful student in a 600-word essay. Please provide specific examples of how you will share what you have learned and help others follow their dreams. Also, specifically write about your time in the mountains and what results you saw in the classroom.


  • Write a 600 word essay about your experiences in the mountains, skiing and/or riding and how following this passion has made you happier and more successful in the classroom.
  • Please be specific about your time in the mountains and the results in the classroom.
  • Please also provide examples of how you will share what you learn through this experience, to help those that surround you follow their passions.
  • Email this essay to [email protected] in Microsoft Word, Google Docs or pdf format along with a photo of you in the mountains doing what you love.

Deadline: January 31, 2016

Amount: $2,000

Learn More: The Ski Butlers Scholarship Fund

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