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Wendy Ella Guilford Scholarship Fund (Deadline: May 25, 2015)

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Who Can Apply: Scholarships awarded to a deserving student who intends to pursue a baccalaureate degree or advanced degree at any accredited college or university in the United States or its possessions. Applicants must be current graduating seniors of a high school in Dallas, Tarrant or Denton County, Texas and demonstrate the vision and values that honor the legacy of Wendy Ella Guilford.

Submission: Please select one of the following topics and compose an essay of 500-1000 words:

  • A recent study found that middle class jobs are disappearing in the developed world. The study defined U.S. middle class jobs as those offering annual salaries between $30k and $70k, with different salary ranges defined in other countries adjusted for exchange rate, buying power, standard of living, etc. As a percentage of net jobs created since 2007 in the US, 70% were low wage, 2% were middle class, and 29% had higher salaries. In Europe the study found a net loss of middle class jobs during the same period. Does this matter? What societal changes if any will result if this trend continues?
  • In 1948 against long odds, Harry Truman rode his famous “whistle stop” campaign to re-election. Compare and contrast the 1948 election to the 2012 election. Apart from the mode of transportation, has much changed?

Deadline: May 25, 2015

Amount: Varies

Learn More: Wendy Ella Guilford Scholarship Fund

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