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Let’s face it financial aid is as confusing as it is necessary to a college education! That is why we have designed this website to act as a guide and solution to your financial aid concerns. Please use our free resource to find answers to your questions on every type of college financial aid question! […]

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What Are You Doing this Winter Break? Your FAFSA Form!

The average college student has more than $4,000 in credit card debt when they graduate.

If you are a high school senior or a college student in need of financial aid, the answer to “What are you doing this winter break?” should be: Filling out my FAFSA form! You will still have plenty of time to enjoy the holiday parties, but don’t miss out on your biggest present of all […]

In the News: Education Secretary Proposes Changes to FAFSA

ARCHIVE POST – President Obama has promised to improve this nation’s student financial aid system, and that includes overhauling the process of applying for assistance. Top on the President’s list is the Free Application for Student Aid, AKA the FAFSA, which is currently a long and rather complex document that needs to be filled out […]

Student Loan Interest Rates Set to Fall; Pell Grant to Increase

A number of important changes are looming for federal student aid, which may save you some serious cash. Here’s a quick look at the most significant developments: Interest rates on subsidized Stafford loans are dropping — This year, they will go from a 6% to 5.6% (fixed). Under the College Cost Reduction and Access Act […]

In the News: Obama’s Student Loan Plan Under Attack

ARCHIVE STORY – Remember the President’s plan for student loans that I told you about a few weeks ago? Obama wants the federal government to directly disperse student loans via the Department of Education, rather than the current system of guaranteeing the loans made by private lenders like Sallie Mae. Well, according to this recent […]

A Silver Lining for Students: More Federal Student Loans Are Available

Credit is retracting in nearly every sector – home mortgages are dwindling, business loans are down, car loans are non-existent.  But there is one area in which credit has actually expanded: Government-backed, higher education loans. The total number of student loans made in 2008 is up 18.6% from 2007, according to an article in today’s […]

Budget Reconciliation Act of 2005 – Voting it Down

ARCHIVE NEWS – The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) sent out a press release today calling for their members to act! Simply put the Budget Reconciliation Act of 2005 takes too much money away from student loans causing a substantial financial increase on students and families. Luckily Senators that opposed this legislation […]

Budget Reconciliation Act of 2005 Rattles Financial Aid

ARCHIVE NEWS: It was bad news for the financial aid world when the Senate approved the Budget Reconciliation Act of 2005, S. Bill 1932. In a nutshell this legislation cut over $41 billion dollars of federal financial aid over a five year period. If you are currently seeking financial aid you must know that the […]