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Financial Aid Programs

Here’s a question: How do you plan to pay for college? Unless you or your parents have a pile of cash, you need to know about federal and state programs to help Americans go to college.

FinancialAidFinder provides in-depth overviews of federal grants, state scholarships, federal and private loans, and other financial aid programs. We’ve also got info on tax-preferred college savings programs (for anyone who wants to get a head start on that aforementioned pile of cash!)

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Want to know which financial aid programs you are eligible for, how to apply, and when the money is disbursed? Read on:

  • For millions of American students, student loans are an essential component of paying for college. Learn about federal student loan programs, such as the Stafford loan, Perkins loan and parent PLUS loan. Get tips on consolidating and repaying your student loans. And discover the important differences between federal students loans and private student loans.
  • Another great way to contribute to your cost of college is through the Federal Work Study program. If you have ever tried to work and study full-time, you know what a challenging balance that is. With the Federal Work Study program, you can earn money for living expenses while still having plenty of time to devote to your studies.
  • Serving your country is a great way to pay for college. Learn more about Reserve Officer Training Corps, the military’s college-based program for officer training. ROTC scholarships pay for your schooling while you simultaneously undergo military basic training and leadership development courses.
  • The Federal Government is not the only source of student financial aid. Every state in the union offers some type of state financial aid for its residents attending college. Many of these programs are geared toward members of the military and their dependents. Find out about programs for your state from our state-by-state guide to financial aid.
  • If college is still a year or more in the future, you can get a jump-start on financing it by putting away money in a tax-deferred college savings plans. Learn more from the Financial Aid Finder about 529 Plans, the Coverdell Educational Savings Account, and the Uniform Gift/Transfer to Minor Accounts.

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