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About PNC Bank

PNC is a 40-year-old bank that offers a large number of resources for students seeking all different types of financial aid. As a lender of federal loans, you have the option of taking out a private PNC loan as well. And they aren’t only for traditional students like undergraduates and grad students. PNC has private loans specifically for students in health education, as well as loans for law students to cover the costs of studying and taking the bar exam. PNC is also the official bank of many colleges, which could be helpful if you’d like to keep your student loan lender close by.

Private Loan Name: PNC Private Loans

Loans for Which Students? Undergraduate, graduate, health profession, bar study

Minimum/Maximum per Student: Annual loan maximum: $40,000; aggregate loan maximum: $225,000.

PNC Loan Rates: (Varies depending on your credit rating) The variable interest rate is based upon the LIBOR index plus a margin of 3.3% to 11% based on creditworthiness, and is adjusted quarterly.

Loan Fees: 0-6%

Repayment Terms: up to 15 years (you can defer payments up to 6 months after graduation)

Other Information: If you are looking for a lower rate on your PNC Private Student Loan, you can sign up for automatic payment debits from either a checking or savings account to save .25%. You can also release your cosigner is you make on-time, consecutive payments for 48 months in a row. You should definitely consider having a cosigner since your interest rate and fees will depend on your credit score and history. For students interested in the Bar Study Loan, you must still be in law school with six months to graduation or have graduated no more than 6 months ago.

How to Apply/Contact: Apply online

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