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Student Scholarships by College Major

If you’re thinking about college, you’ve no doubt heard the question “What are you planning on studying?” Hopefully you’ve given it some thought, even if you haven’t decided exactly what major you are going to pursue.

However, not having made the “major” decision shouldn’t stop you from searching for scholarships by major or field of study. If you have an interest in a specific field, that’s a great place to start! Not all scholarships for a particular major or field of interest require that you officially declare a major, particularly not in your freshman or sophomore year.

Before you begin to search for and apply for these scholarships, you might want to gain an understanding of some of the sources of financial aid and scholarships for particular majors.

Where do scholarships by major or field of study come from?

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Scholarships come from many different organizations, corporations and even the government, which makes having one place to look for them all the more important. Large corporations like PepsiCo, Walmart and Toyota all offer scholarships to students in a variety of majors. Another large source of scholarship dollars for college is foundations, which account for that largest number of college funding (outside of the colleges themselves). Both large and small foundations offer scholarships, usually in one particularly area of interest. A number of small community organizations also grant scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students.

You may find as you look through the scholarships listings on this site that there are more scholarships for certain majors than for others. Some of the most popular majors for college students in the United States, like business, English and psychology, may have many options for scholarships. But if you are looking to study something less mainstream, there are still options for you!

It is also really important to remember that there is money available in addition to the third-party corporations and foundations listed here. We’ve compiled a list of scholarships by major which you can use to start looking for money to pay for school.  Make sure that you check back often, as we will continue to update as more scholarship information becomes available!

This section contains a growing list of scholarship profiles for people pursuing many types of college degrees, including:

The list of scholarships on FinancialAidFinder grows every week, so check back often. Be sure to check our weekly Scholarship Blog postings as well as this are of the website.

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