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Student Scholarships

What’s the best kind of money for college? Free money! Which is exactly what a scholarship is: Merit-based assistance for your college costs, which you never have to pay back.

There are literally thousands and thousands of scholarships for college out there — and they have more than $3.5 billion to reward to students just like you. Before you start your hunt for some of those millions, come visit Financial Aid Finder to learn more about:

The Scholarship Application Process

We teach you what scholarship committees are looking for and how to ensure that you present yourself as their ideal candidate. Look for our tips on academics, internships & work experience, community service, and leadership.

Scholarship Essays

Most scholarship programs require you to submit at least one essay. Some ask for several written statements. Once you meet the scholarship application requirements, a stellar essay is the way to set yourself apart from the crowd. We teach you the nine steps to writing a winning scholarship essay that will wow any application committee.

Unusual Scholarships

Many scholarships are earmarked for students with an outstanding academic record or athletic talent. But if you’re neither a jock nor a scholar, you can still qualify for a number of scholarships — especially the unusual ones. Our favorite: the $3,000 competition for the couple who designs their prom attire exclusively out of duck tape. But that’s the not only odd ball scholarship out there. Check out our list of the Top 10 Most Unusual Scholarship Programs in America and still More Weird and Unique Scholarships.

Unclaimed Scholarships

No doubt you have heard all about the alleged millions of dollars in unclaimed scholarships — which for a fee, a scholarship search committee will find for you. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? Visit our article on unclaimed scholarships to find out the truth behind this major myth.

Free College Scholarship Searches

If you are searching for legitimate scholarships, the best and most efficient way is with an online search engine. But there are dozens — if not hundreds — of searches claiming to have the key to the scholarship treasure chest. With so many scholarship search engines, how do you know which one(s) to use? Check out our list of three essential tips for picking the right scholarship search engine for you.

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