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Entry-Level Job Salaries for New College Graduates

If you’re going to borrow heavily to afford college, then you’ll want a decent income after graduation to pay back the loans. Choosing a field of study is pretty important! Check out entry-level salaries for a number of professions…

College Major Median Annual
Accountant $43,000
Aerospace Engineer $62,000
Biologist $46,000
Budget Analyst $49,000
Chemist $25,000
Civil Engineer $56,000
Computer Programmer $54,000
Federal Corrections Officer $39,500
Geologist $40,000
Human Resources Generalist $49,000
Logistics Analyst $48,000
Mechanical Engineer $60,000
Medical Resident $45,000
Meteorologist $28,000
Military (E-1) $18,000
Military (O-1) $34,000
Paralegal $40,000
Petroleum Engineer $83,000
Pharmacy Technician $32,500
Physician Assistant $69,500
Radiologic Technologist $44,500
Recruiter $47,000
SEO Specialist $45,000
Software Engineer $58,500
Technical Writer $46,000
Veterinary Technician $30,000


This chart is useful if you find you need to take a student loan to meet all of your expected expenses. Loans, for the most part, require repayment arrangements to begin soon after graduation.

To help you plan ahead, use the list of average salaries (above) to determine your approximate income after college. Because it would be impossible to list every type of job, only a representative selection is provided here.

Graduates are increasingly rejecting public-sector jobs because of the low pay these jobs offer, but the number of high-paying private sector jobs is limited because of recent corporate downsizing.

On the other hand, the number of jobs requiring technical skills and those involving the health care industry are increasing rapidly – and pay well.

To find out more about salaries and employment predictions, you can visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Handbook site at http://www.bls.gov/oco/, PayScale.com, and Salary.com.

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