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College Scholarships Should Not Be Overlooked

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If you’ve searched the mainstream college scholarships and come up with nothing, don’t lose hope. There are plenty of alternative or just plain weird scholarships out there.

For instance, there’s the Zolp Scholarship. To be eligible for this scholarship you need to be 1.) Catholic 2.) Attending the Loyola University in Chicago and 3.) Have a last name of Zolp. Okay, this scholarship is a little more specific than most but someone out there fits the criteria and it could be you!

Look at all the many diverse attributes that you may have in your background or evaluate the special talents you may have. There is a way to find these scholarships. One important tip to remember if you use are doing a search with Google is remember to be as detailed as possible when you enter your search criteria. For example, if you simply enter “scholarship” or “financial aid” you are going to get a gargantuan amount of results which should and will overwhelm you. A better way to search for these alternative scholarships is to enter: scholarship, female, zolp, etc.

Make sure and check out our Find a Scholarship section, there are a ton of good free scholarships to search through!

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