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Scholarship Money – Thursday #13

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July 31, 2008 by Mara Strom

I can’t believe it: The last day of July. With August upon us, the start of school is right around the corner. Are you ready? Are your finances?If you’re still searching for some last-minute scholarship opportunities, we’ve got three great suggestions for you this week, all with deadlines in the next week.

1. Calm-A-Sutra of Tea National Scholarship Competition: $20,000

(2/7/13 Note – This award may no longer be offered) Yup, you read that right. $20 Grand. Even if you don’t love tea, you’ll love this prize. The Tea Council of the USA, an organization of tea importers, packers and others, is behind this whopping prize. How do you snag it? Make a 1-2 minute YouTube video about the health benefits of tea drinking. The more off-beat, the better. The Council could care less about your grades or leadership experience. Their judges are just looking for originality and a compelling statement about the health benefit of tea. Competition is extremely fierce (think tens of thousands of applicants), but the prize is definitely worth the effort. Deadline: Midnight on Wednesday, August 6.

2. The Mario Cugia Italian Studies Scholarship: $600 – $1,000

Majoring in Italian? Check. Italian descent? Check. Catholic? Check. If you’ve got three checks, then you may be able to qualify for another check — in the amount of $600 (if you’re a junior) or $1,000 (if you’re a senior). The winners will be chosen on the basis of scholastic achievement, financial need, leadership experience and faculty recommendations. Deadline: August 1

3. Brickfish Just Face It Scholarship: $1,000

Here’s another great scholarship opportunity that nearly anyone can win. Take a photograph of yourself and describe something interesting and unique about yourself. That’s it. Of course, you’ll be competing with no fewer than 12,600 applicants; that’s how many other would-be winners had already submitted their mugs as of 5 o’clock EST today. With a little more than 24 hours left to go, don’t waste your time sizing up your competition. Focus instead on yourself – quite literally. Deadline: Midnight on August 1.

We love celebrating success stories, so please be sure to leave us a comment if you land a scholarship from one of our scholarship listings.

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