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Let’s face it financial aid is as confusing as it is necessary to a college education! That is why we have designed this website to act as a guide and solution to your financial aid concerns. Please use our free resource to find answers to your questions on every type of college financial aid question! […]

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What Is The Student Aid Report (SAR)?

If you have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you will soon receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) in your email inbox. Take a few minutes to look at it. The Department of Ed will put Comment Codes on your SAR with a brief description of what you need to do. The colleges you […]

Here’s How to Get Student Financial Aid

The number one reason people don’t get financial aid is because they don’t apply. Their neighbor, brother-in-law or friend told them not to bother, they make too much money. Financial aid uses a federal methodology to determine your family’s EXPECTED FAMILY CONTRIBUTION (EFC). They consider income, but they also consider the number of people in […]

5 Ways to Find College Scholarships

If you are already attending college or are about to start in the fall, you no doubt realize just how expensive getting a higher education really is. Even if you choose a more frugal option such as attending your local community college and living at home with mom and dad, there are all sorts of […]

Should Parents Co-sign a Student Loan?

Yesterday, we talked about whether or not paying for college should be the parents’ responsibility. At the end of the post, I asked what you thought about cosigning a student loan. Is co-signing a great way for parents to help out their kids with the rising cost of college? Or is co-signing a slippery slope […]

Students More Worried Than Ever about Student Loan Debt

A study by Cappex.com has found that students are more worried than ever about not only how they will pay for college – but whether they will be able to afford to pay off their student loans when they graduate. Two out of three high school seniors say they are “experiencing anxiety” about having to […]

8 Essential Financial Tips for New College Grads

Hey all you soon-to-be college grads: Congratulations! Whether you have a great job lined up already or not, there’s no doubt that the real world is eagerly awaiting you! Even if you majored in finance, however, there is at least one big challenge waiting for you, too: handling your personal finances. The truth is that […]

10 Steps to Prevent Defaulting on Your Student Loans

by Mara Strom Did you know that a Stafford or Perkins student loan is one of the only forms of debt that cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy claim? Student loans are with you for life – so you need to be serious about paying them back. If you haven’t paid back your loans for […]

How Most Americans Pay for College

Sallie Mae and Gallup Poll released its 2016 annual study of how parents pay for college. Parents are helping more, using more of their own income and savings, while students are taking out more and larger amounts of student loans. Students are also working more, and two out of five of them are living at […]

Why Not All Student Loans Are Created Equal

by Mara Strom Some of you may be wondering whether qualifying for a federal loan is really that big of a deal. You figure money is money, and debt is debt. Plus, you’ve heard that applying for and getting accepted for a private loan is easier and faster. While it’s true that any green will […]

Reader Question: How to Pay for College on Your Own

I recently got a letter from a reader named Natalie, who is worried about paying for college without any parental help. Are you financing your college degree solo? Read on for her letter and my suggestions for tackling this challenge. Dear Financial Aid Finder, Hi, I’m a high school senior with pretty good grades and […]