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Telephone Numbers

The following is a list of important phone numbers to agencies or companies that can help you answer any questions you may have about the student aid forms or other financial aid programs.

National Education Association
(202) 833-4000

  • Provides sources of information on student aid

Student Aid Report Information Center
(319) 337-5665: the hearing-impaired can call (800) 730-8913

  • Reports whether application has been processed
  • Sends out a duplicate copy of the SAR

Federal Student Aid Information Center
(800) 4-FED-AID

  • Helps file a student’s application or correct a SAR
  • Checks on whether a school takes part in Federal Student Aid Programs, or if the school has a high default rate
  • Explains student eligibility requirements
  • Explains the process of determining financial aid awards
  • Mails information that gives and explains financial aid facts

College Scholarship Services
(800) 239-5888

  • Analyzes and processes the Financial Aid
  • Answers specific questions about filling out forms
  • Reports on the status of application
  • Supplies additional forms upon request

U.S. Department of Education

Federal Student Aid Information Center
(800) 433-3243

America College Testing Program (ACT)
(319) 337-1000

  • Reports on the status of financial aid applications
  • Provides test registration dates and test scores

U.S. Military

  • Army (800) USA-ARMY
  • Air Force (800) 423-USAF
  • Marines (800) MARINES
  • Navy (800) USA-NAVY
  • National Guard (800) 638-7600

To find out more about the military’s financial aid options, call these numbers to locate the recruiting office nearest you.

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