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Determing the Cost of College

Step Four – Determining the Cost of your Education – Net Price Calculators

Get an idea of the cost involved in all of your educational institution options. Remember to factor in the cost of travel, supplies, books, room and board, and other living expenses.

All college websites are now required to have a net price calculator for consumer use. Already having your Estimated Family Contribution or EFC from a completed FAFSA application will make your net price calculator estimate more accurate.

*What is an EFC? This number is calculated when you complete your FAFSA, indicating the support that your family may be able to provide towards your education, and determines your aid eligibility.

The net price calculator should help you to get a good idea of school cost and how your financial aid eligibility would potentially apply. The calculator is meant to be used as an estimate, however, and the only way to get exact numbers is to work with an institution’s financial aid office.

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