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Let’s face it financial aid is as confusing as it is necessary to a college education! That is why we have designed this website to act as a guide and solution to your financial aid concerns. Please use our free resource to find answers to your questions on every type of college financial aid question! […]

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Visiting the Financial Aid Office (Part II)

College Financial Aid Adviser Meeting photo

This is Part II of our “Visiting the Financial Aid Office” article. Hopefully, you read Part I already. Gathering Documents Whether you are going to the Financial Aid office to get assistance in filling out the FAFSA, filling out student loan paperwork for the first time or because you need a breakdown of what you […]

How to Eat on a Budget at College


by Mara Strom We’ve been talking on the Financial Aid Finder about how to get through college without blowing your whole budget in the first few weeks. Last week, we put the spotlight on textbooks — a major budget buster for many students. This week, we’re looking at how to eat at school without eating […]

The Financial Aid Office and You! (Part I)

Financial Aid Office Sign photo

With the start of a new school year right around the corner you’re probably already getting ready. Besides getting items for your dorm or picking up your books, you also are getting more paperwork from your school then you know what to do with! Among that pile of paperwork, there are letters and documents concerning […]

Most Important Financial Aid Questions

US News & World Report ran an interesting article last week about how to increase your chances of getting all the financial aid you need. According to the article, only 3% of U.S. colleges promise to meet the full financial needs of their income freshmen class, without them having to take out any loans. If […]

Five Student Financial Aid Mistakes

Don’t make any of these five college financial aid mistakes 1. Failing to Apply 2. Missing the Deadlines 3. Starting a College Savings Account in Your Child’s Name 4. Forgetting to Budget for “College Life” 5. Failing to Investigate Lenders Failing to Apply for Scholarships, Grants, and Student Loans: Many families miss out on financial […]

College Scholarships News #12

We’ve got some great opps for your today — big and small. You’ve got a whole weekend ahead of you, so why not sit down, fill out a few applications and whip up a couple of essays. Who couldn’t use several thousand dollars more for college? 1. The OP Loftbed $500 Scholarship Award: $500 The […]

Start the Process of Getting Financial Aid

Applying for aid is just the first step in a process. One in three applicants will be selected for a process called verification. If your application is selected, you will need to provide the financial aid office with tax forms and other documents. Provide the verification documents as soon as possible. Most financial aid offices […]

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning College Scholarships

According to US News & World Report, half of all college students are expected to receive scholarships – AKA "FREE MONEY" – to help pay for college. Now, the story in US News made it seem like there was a shortage of scholarships since it’s "only" 50%. That may well be true. But when I […]

Getting Financial Aid for Summer Session Classes

If you are taking summer classes at a college, check with their financial aid office and make sure you follow the process if you want to get financial aid. There are multiple ways you could get financial aid for this summer session. First, the federal government instituted a new Two Pell in a Year program […]

Private Loan vs. the Parent Plus

Student Loan Application photo

If you’ve been listening to the news you might have heard that there are historically low interest rates. With that good news, it might come as a surprise to you when you look at interest rates for federal student loans. Starting July 1, interest rates for the Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized student loans are going […]