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The Race that is Driving Tuition Increase

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The sticker price of tuition is increasingly a scary prospect. How on earth do these schools expect people to pay more than the average median income of a U.S. family?

And more importantly why must they charge these prices?

There really is no simple answer to those questions. The main thing to remember is not to get discouraged because financial aid is available and will heavily lighten the financial load families and students must bear. Tuition sticker prices are not carved in stone and can be etched away by finding the right financial aid avenues to follow.

Colleges and Universities are in a constant state of competition for top students. Therefore, they are always trying to “one up” the competition by offering bigger and better programs, buildings, educators etc. And although any given university or college may seem very well off the reality is they don’t have the money to spend that they are spending. The result is extremely high tuition and fees.

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