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Profile of Successful Pell Grant Recipients

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The National Center for Education Statistics recently released a report describing the characteristics of college graduates who have received Pell Grants and comparing them to non-Pell Grant graduates.  Here are some of the findings from their study:

  • 36 percent of 1999-2000 bachelor’s degree recipients received at least one Pell Grant while in college.
  • Pell Grant recipients had greater undergraduate “risk characteristics,” including delaying post-secondary enrollment or failing to graduate from high school than non-recipients
  • Pell Grant recipients whose parents did not attend college took longer to finish their Bachelor’s degree than recipients whose parents held a least a bachelor’s degree. They also enrolled in graduate school at a lower rate.
  • When controlling for these risk factors — including parents level of higher education — Pell Grant recipients actually graduated more quickly than non-recipients.

While I don’t think getting a Pell Grant will make or break your graduation time statistic, it is undoubtedly a great way to pay for college.  And if President Obama gets his way, there will soon be more students who are Pell Grant eligible — more than ever before.

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