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Scholarship Thursday #21

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September 18, 2008 by Mara Strom

I have received a few emails this week about the full-ride scholarship to UW, which I mentioned on Monday.

As the Ivy League schools kick their financial aid rewards into high gear, a number of state colleges and universities, including the University of Washington, are following suit.

Given your interest, I wanted to dig up a little bit more on this awesome scholarships opportunity.  So here you go:

The Washington College Bound Scholarship, as it is called, is a four-year scholarship covering tuition, fees and books at the University of Washington. Recipients are low-income students who signed a pledge in junior high school promising to stay in school and “demonstrate good citizenship.”  If you think you or your child might qualify for this full-ride, then keep reading.

Eligible students meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • are eligible for the free and reduced-priced lunch program
  • receive TANF benefits
  • are foster youth
  • families meet the income standard

If you are qualified, you must sign up by June 30th of your 8th grade year (7th graders are also able to sign up; by 9th grade, though, you will have missed your opportunity.)  So that’s all you need to do — sign the pledge, keep to your word, and, of course, get into UW. Go here for information.

For those of you not fortunate enough to live in the generous state of Washington, here are a few truly no-brainer scholarships. In fact, I hardly think of them as scholarships; it’s more like playing the lotto — but you have to use the money to pay for school if, by some million to one odds, you happen to win it.

(Actually, I’m not as negative about scholarship competitions as I might sound; no, you do not have particularly good odds, but then again, it will not take you more than a few seconds to fill out these forms and push send. Which means, you will have plenty of time to get back to the serious business of writing scholarship essays for actual more traditional scholarships.)

Chuck E. Cheese $25,000 scholarship (Note 2/7/13 – This award may no longer be offered) — Remember all those quarters you fed in the video machines at Chuck E. Cheese?  Well the Cheese is giving back.  Sort of. Enter their contest to win a $25,000 scholarship to the school of your choice.  There will just one lucky winner, but hey, you gotta be in to win it! Not clear when the winner will be announced, but there are plenty of other little prizes along the way to keep you interested.

Sun Trust $1,000 scholarship (2/7/13 Note – This award may no longer be offered) — One of the nation’s largest financial holding companies, Sun Trust is giving away a $1,000 scholarship every two weeks.  Start registering now.  The first drawing will be held on Halloween.

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