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Let’s face it financial aid is as confusing as it is necessary to a college education! That is why we have designed this website to act as a guide and solution to your financial aid concerns. Please use our free resource to find answers to your questions on every type of college financial aid question! […]

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Scholarship Announcements: No Population Growth, Signet Classics, Ayn Rand Fountainhead

Welcome to Scholarship Friday. The weekend is finally here, but it’s not time to party quite yet. If you are currently enrolled in college — or planning to be next fall — now is the time to buckle down and get serious… about applying for scholarships. Given the state of the economy, I’m hard-pressed to […]

Scholarship Announcements – Awards for Latinos, Milk and Thoroughbred Scholarships

As I have been mentioning the past few weeks, we are in the middle of scholarship season. Late winter/early spring is high tide for scholarship deadlines, so if you are serious about winning scholarship awards, you will definitely want to dedicate a few hours each week to finding and applying for scholarships. This week, I’ve […]

Drug Offenders can Earn Aid under Budget Reconciliation Act

At least 175,000 people are denied federal financial aid due to prior drug offenses according to a recent article in Yahoo News. However, the Budget Reconciliation Act that was passed has provided a provision to allow students who have drug offenses a new chance at federal student financial aid. The provision is targeted at older […]

One More Reason to Keep Your Grades Up

If you are a student you may already be conscious of your grades for college entrance purposes. One more reason to keep those grades up is the correlation between grades and financial aid. Students don’t have to be the valedictorian or the next Rhodes Scholar but good grades will equal more money. A combination of […]

Swap In-State Tuitions with Other States

The Academic Common Market is an organization that sets up exchange programs for students between a league of mutually recognized states. Students who are planning on studying a subject that is not offered by their state school may attend an out of state school for in state tuition. The school must already have an exchange […]

Early Financial Aid Application Gets the Prize

Have you finished the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid?  If not, what are you waiting for?  It is true that your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)  will be the same no matter how long you wait, but if you procrastinate too long you could lose other financial aid funding. The most needy students as […]

Apply for Financial Aid as Dependent or Independent?

This is a question that many students have a most do not like the answer. The federal government considers you a dependent student until the age of 24. Financial aid was designed to fill the gap between what the federal government expects the family to contribute (EFC) toward the students’ education. Reality may often be […]

Budget Reconciliation Act of 2005 – Voting it Down

ARCHIVE NEWS – The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) sent out a press release today calling for their members to act! Simply put the Budget Reconciliation Act of 2005 takes too much money away from student loans causing a substantial financial increase on students and families. Luckily Senators that opposed this legislation […]

Budget Reconciliation Act of 2005 Rattles Financial Aid

ARCHIVE NEWS: It was bad news for the financial aid world when the Senate approved the Budget Reconciliation Act of 2005, S. Bill 1932. In a nutshell this legislation cut over $41 billion dollars of federal financial aid over a five year period. If you are currently seeking financial aid you must know that the […]