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Activist Scholarships

Many students find college to be the perfect place to find out about social and environmental issues, and become passionate about these issues.

University campuses are breeding grounds for young activists, who see the power to change the world in their own hands.

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Activism can have a positive impact on the community, but did you know that student activists can also receive scholarships for their efforts?

There are a number of national, regional and local scholarships that are awarded to young activists who have shown a proven commitment to their cause.

The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund is one of the most well-known activism scholarships in the country. The need-based annual scholarship is granted to students active in progressive movements on campus and in the community.

Politically conservative activists can also take advantage of college scholarships. The Phillips Foundation offers $10,000 scholarships to the “Top 10 Conservative Activists” through the Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship Program.

If you are passionate about equal rights, the environment, freedom of speech or international issues, you can benefit from some of these activism-related scholarships to pay for college. Visit the links below to see scholarship profiles that can help you gain the education to help you reach your goal of working toward positive social change.

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