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Art, Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships

In high school, it can seem like the opportunity to paint, sing in the choir, play in the band, or star in the school play is a fun extracurricular activity. Just something to do beyond ‘required’ classes.

But when it’s time to go off to college, your interest and passion in the visual and performing arts can turn into full-time study and eventually a degree.

Both art schools and large universities offer opportunities to study visual, performing and fine arts. There are scholarships for students who both study the arts full time and study in addition to other pursuits.

When it comes to scholarships for the visual and performing arts, seeing is believing.

Scholarship committees and judges will want to see examples of your work. This means taped performances for dancers and actors, and actual pieces or reproductions from visual artists. For some of the more prestigious scholarships, and in-person audition, much like the ones you may have had to get into college, might be required.

Creativity and talent are always the only criteria needed to be eligible for an arts scholarship for college. Many newer scholarships are combining the arts with other elements of student life, like community service and volunteering. For example, the Worldstudio AIGA Art Scholarship selects students who are talented, and have demonstrated a commitment to their communities.

With so many ways to express yourself through art, it can be difficult to know where to begin looking for a scholarship for visual or performing arts. The scholarships and awards listed in this category are a great place to start!

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