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Wacky Scholarships

Searching the Internet has no doubt introduced you to the world of weird and wacky scholarships. There are even a few already listed here at FinancialAidFinder.com. But what exactly makes a scholarship qualify as weird, wacky or unusual?

While most scholarships focus on your grades, personal characteristics or hobbies, there are also those that really don’t have much to do with….anything having to do with college!

These come in the form of contests, lotteries and giveaways in addition to more traditional scholarship structures.

Finding weird and wacky scholarships may not be as straight-forward as finding other types of financial aid for college. In fact, you college counselor or advisor may not know as much about these weird college funding opportunities as they do about other scholarships. That’s why the Internet is your best friend when you are searching for unusual scholarships!

The nice this about weird and wacky scholarships and grants is that they like to keep their application process interesting. Just about anyone can create a web video and post it to YouTube, but how many people can get a great message out at the same time? Weird scholarships like the Tea Council of the USA’s “Calm-a-Sutra” video contest and the Education Connection Online Video Competition as you to get out that web cam and create….with gusto! These scholarships are granted based on the creativity of your submissions, with not importance whatsoever placed on GPA, extracurricular activities or community service.

Not comfortable in from of the camera? You can still find great scholarships for average students in the for of weird and wacky financial aid. If you have a piece of 8.5×11 paper, you have a shot at winning one of five $1,000 scholarships from Church Hill Classics, who award student creativity by asking them to submit a piece of paper that illustrates what their future looks like to them.

Maybe you’re better with words than pictures…then enter the Mental Floss Tuition Giveaway, that requires students to simply explain (in a quirky, entertaining way) why they deserve $10,000 in scholarship money.

This is just a sampling of weird and wacky scholarships; there is so much more out there. Scholarships for being left-handed? Check. Financial Aid for junk-food junkies? You bet. College money for the pleasantly plump? It’s out there. Just take a look through the Student Scholarship Search profiles for more information, as well as on the FinancialAidFinder blog.

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