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Scholarships for Unusual Talents & Hobbies

If you don’t play sports, haven’t picked your major, don’t have a great GPA, or haven’t done a ton of community service, it might feel like there aren’t any scholarships out there for you.

In fact, there are many little-known scholarships programs for students whose talents and hobbies might lie off the beaten path.

In some parts of the country, the rodeo may not be considered unusual. But rodeo scholarships are usually not found listed alongside other athletic scholarships. There are actually a large number of scholarships for rodeo competitors, especially those who want to go on to study livestock and agriculture in college.

Most rodeo scholarships are university or college-specific, or require that you attend college in a specific area (like the Southwestern states).

For the creative and crafty, Duct Tape established the “Stuck at Prom” Contest (http://duckbrand.com/promotions/stuck-at-prom), which awards $5,000 for each member of a couple who submits a photo of themselves wearing prom outfits made entirely of duct tape. The American Sheep Association’s “Make it With Wool” Contest (www.sheepusa.com) lets contestants channel their inner Chanel creating garments made entirely of wool. With a top prize of $2,000, aspiring designers compete with others at both the state and national level.

If space travel is more your speed, the Society for Performers, Artists, Athletes for Space Exploration (www.stars4space.org/) holds an annual essay contest; all you have to do is put your thoughts about space travel on paper, and you could be rewarded with $1,000.

And if digging through all of these potential scholarships and contests hasn’t made you lose your marbles, you can enter the National Marbles Tournament (www.nationalmarblestournament.org). The four days of marble shooting culminates with not only scholarships, but other monetary prizes.

The unusual scholarships don’t stop here! If you can think of a weird hobby or talent, there is probably a scholarship out there for it. Take a look at our scholarship profile pages, and keep checking back as companies and organizations think of creative ways to get you more money for college. We’ll keep posting award profiles as they come to our attention.

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