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Mitchell Scholars Program – Next Generation Scholarships

United States-Ireland Alliance Scholarship

Name: Mitchell Scholars Program
Description: Dedicated to the ongoing collaboration between the United States and Ireland, the US-Ireland Alliance gives graduate students and incredible opportunity to study just about anything, at any higher education institution in Ireland through the Mitchell Scholars Program Students are chosen based on their academic achievements, commitment to volunteerism and community service and proven leadership skills. Many people compete for the 12 annual spots, so the program can be competitive, which makes sense considering the fellowship covers full tuition, room and board, a living stipend and an international travel stipend.
Award: Full ride
Awards per year: 12
Award is Open to: Graduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: Apply online for the Mitchell Scholars Program at the US-Ireland Alliance website.
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Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly: American Humanics)

Name: Next Generation (NextGen) Leaders Program
Description: While this scholarship is awarded to students, it’s more of a fellowship/internship opportunity in conjunction with the American Humanics course of study for future non-profit leaders. For many students about to graduate from college, especially those heading into the non-profit sector, finding an internship that aligns with career goals and can pay well is difficult. The NextGen program awards future non-profit leaders with scholarships that allow them to take an internship after graduation, and still get paid, while allowing non-profit organizations with smaller budgets to attract great talent. This new program will award more than 1,000 students with internship scholarships in total, averaging 200 per summer. Students must participate the American Humanics program (in affiliation with their university) to qualify for this award.
Award: $4,500
Awards per year: 200
Award is Open to: College graduates
Major/Field of Study: Nonprofit management
How to Apply/Contact: To find out details about how to apply for the NextGen
Leaders program, please see the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance website.
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