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Civic Organization Scholarships

Joining a service association like the Rotary Club, Circle K, Key Club or Jaycees as a student can be a great way to meet people and participate in community events, while making the world a better place.

There are many ways to volunteer and perform community service, and these associations can offer you the opportunity to do so with the support of a world-renowned organization.

You may not know that there are also scholarships available to members of service organizations. Like many other membership organizations, these organizations not only value public service, but also want to see their members be successful in their higher education pursuits.

Of course, they also understand that the rising cost of college tuition makes scholarships and other financial aid necessary for most students to obtain a college degree.

While most young people are not members of Kiwanis International themselves, most schools have chapters of Circle K, the college and university program of Kiwanis and high schools have Key Club, another Kiwanis program. Each district of Circle K offers one $1,000 scholarship to a member each year. This is in addition to merit-based scholarships for Circle K members that are distributed every year at the Kiwanis International Conference.

Rotary International also offers financial aid for members (or potential members) in the form of a need-based scholarship funding pool.

There are also many scholarships for members of Junior Chamber International or its JAYCEES program. Seeking to promote leadership and civic responsibility, the Jaycees Charles R. Ford for active members rewards high academic achievement and proven leadership skills. Individual Jaycees chapters are an even greater source of money for college, and checking in with your local chapter is your best bet for getting a Jaycees scholarship for college.

Read on to find out about these organizations, and other civic organizations offering college scholarships to members.

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