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Alcoa and Truckload Carriers Association Scholarships

Alcoa Foundation

Scholarship Name: Sons and Daughters Scholarship
Description: The Alcoa Foundation Sons and Daughters Scholarship program is a national competition for children of Alcoa employees. One of the interesting things about the award is that it can appeal to all kinds of students: there is a two-year award for community college, trade school and vocational students, and a four year scholarship for full-time undergraduates at four-year institutions. Students are required to write an essay and submit their SAT or ACT scores to qualify for the award. Applications will review for a candidate’s community service record, academic record, leadership potential and general character.
Award: $1,500
Awards per Year: 238
Award is Open to: High School Seniors
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: This scholarship is administered by the ACT, and you can find out more about eligibility information and you can download an application at the ACT website.
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Truckload Carriers Association

Scholarship Name: Truckload Carriers Association Scholarship Fund
Description: The Truckload Carriers Association has been providing scholarships to people who drive trucks and their families for many years, and they periodically add new scholarships in honor of leaders in the industry. Family support and encouragement is very important to Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), and small blurbs about each scholarship recipient are featured on the website. To qualify for a TCA you must be a truck driver and member of the Truckload Carriers Association or that family member (this includes grand kids!) of a TCA member. Most scholarships are awarded for a semester, and will be renewed as long as you keep in good academic standing.
Award: $2,000 – $6,000
Awards per Year: Varies
Award is Open to: High School Seniors, Undergraduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: An online application is required for the Truckload Carriers Association Scholarship, and can be found on the TCA website.

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