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AIGA Tim Moore Design and Clements International Expat Scholarships

AIGA Boston

Scholarship Name: Tim Moore Design Scholarship
Description: Tim Moore was a painter, graphic designer and musician, who saw travel as an essential part of the creative experience. He died suddenly at the age of 54 and now the AIGA Boston is sponsoring a scholarship in his honor. To qualify, you must be a junior or senior design student, who is planning to study design abroad. Scholarship recipients must be willing to keep a sketchbook of their adventure abroad and submit it to the Board of Directors of AIGA Boston, which may be used in fundraising materials at a future date. The Discovery Award is $500 for students studying 1-3 weeks abroad; the Explorer Award is a $1,000 grant for a 4-6 week study period; and the Pioneer Award provides $1,500 to students studying abroad for 7 weeks or longer.
Award: $500 – $1,500
Awards per Year: 3
Award is Open to: College juniors and seniors studying abroad
Major/Field of Study: Design
How to Apply/Contact: The application form can be downloaded online.

Clements International

Scholarship Name: Life in a Flying House Scholarship
Description: Clements International, an insurance company for individuals living abroad, is sponsoring the 2009 Flying House Scholarship. The program awards scholarships to the winners of an essay and creative media contest, in which participants share their experiences of living in a foreign country. Each application must include both a 500+ word essay describing the impact of being an expatriate, along with a creative media presentation on the same topic. The media may be photography, illustrations, paintings or video. The 1st place winner will receive $3,000; 2nd prize is $1,500 and 3rd place is $500.
Award: $500 – $3,000
Awards per Year: 3
Award is Open to: Full-time students ages 12 – 18 of any nationality who have spent at least two years living outside of their home country are eligible to apply.
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: Find out how to apply at Clements.com.

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