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International Study and IES Abroad Scholarships

National Security Education Program

Scholarship Name: The Boren Awards for International Study
Description: Scholarships for study abroad are becoming more and more popular, but there are still very few opportunities that are quite as exciting as the Boren Awards. With scholarships of up to $20,000 for undergraduates and fellowships for graduate students, the Boren Awards truly take the financial burden out of the equation. Sponsored by the National Security Education Program, the Boren Awards promote study in countries that are “critical to US interests and underrepresented in study abroad”. This means no all expenses paid trips to London, but it does give you the opportunity to study off the beaten path.
Award: $20,000 for undergrads, $30,000 for grads
Awards per Year: Varies
Award is Open to: Undergraduate and Graduate students
Major/Field of Study: International Studies, Foreign Language, Linguistics
How to Apply/Contact: The application process for the Boren Awards is extensive, and a great first step is to contact your campus representative. To find out more, visit http://www.borenawards.org/.

IES Abroad

Scholarship Name: IES Abroad Scholarships
Description: Not exactly a traditional scholarship program, IES is a study abroad placement organization that (unlike most study abroad agencies) offers scholarships to it’s students to cover the cost of studying in a foreign country, as well as any fees that they might charge. Instead of going on a university-sponsored program, you can apply to one of IES’s programs in a variety of countries, including many internship opportunities. The number and amount of scholarships available vary just about as much as the study abroad placements themselves.
Award: Varies up to $5,000
Awards per Year: Varies
Award is Open to: Students participating in an IES program
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: To start at the very beginning of the IES study abroad process, visit www.iesabroad.org. You will automatically qualify for some scholarships, or will be prompted to apply based on your country/field of interest.

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