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Scholarships for Latino Students

If you are a Hispanic or Latino student look for college scholarships, there are many opportunities available to you.

In recent years, many foundations, corporations and government agencies have created programs that give Latino and Hispanic students the chance to receive money to help pay for some of the rising costs of attending college. With more than just tuition to worry about, students can benefit from scholarships to keep the dream of a college education within reach. A large number of the scholarships for Latino and Hispanic students are specifically geared towards those careers and majors in which Latinos and Hispanics have been previously underrepresented. These majors and careers include engineering, medicine and technological fields.

In fact, minority scholarships in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are some of the fastest growing scholarships out there, and many programs will cover full tuition for outstanding students. Another way to find scholarships as a Latino or Hispanic students is to pursue a field of study that relates to your background or heritage.

Some college scholarships for Latino students are reserved for those students who are interested in studying Latin American studies or languages. Similarly, some states and areas of the United States with a large Latino and Hispanic population (like California and parts of the Southwest) give a large number of scholarships to students who plan on staying in those areas for college. Of course, there are scholarships available to Latino and Hispanic students in other fields and majors as well.

There are a number of scholarships available for Latino communications students, from the Latino Journalists of California Association and Hispanic Public Relations Association. Business and law students can also find scholarships from the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and La Raza Charitable Lawyers Association. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is one of the leaders in providing scholarships for college to Latino and Hispanic students. Free money for college provided by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund come in a variety of forms. A general scholarship is available to Latino students in undergraduate college or university programs, while community college transfer scholarships are available to students transitioning from two-year to four-year programs.

The Hispanic Scholarship fund also administers the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholars Program, which is open to high school seniors who demonstrate leadership potential and demonstrate significant financial need.

If you are a Latino or Hispanic Student search for college scholarships, you should be aware that many scholarships are available through minority student programs, which may not be explicitly marketed to Latino or Hispanic students. Students might qualify for scholarship money from the United Negro College Fund or through some programs for Native Americans. It is important to explore all of your options for financial aid for college, because you never know what kind of award or scholarship you might win.

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