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Medical Condition Scholarships

A health condition, however serious, can often keep students from realizing their full potential in school, and ultimately college.

Students might be faced with time constraints around treatment, hospital visits and other therapies, or a disability could keep you out of the classroom for lengths of time.

Medical conditions can also put monetary stress on students and their families, and many can use some additional help in the form of scholarships for students with health conditions. Note – also see the overcoming adversity scholarships page in this section.

Students battling cancer, as well as cancer survivors, face myriad struggles, and many organizations and non-profits have been formed to make sure the paying for college isn’t one of them.

The Cancer Survivors Fund (www.cancersurvivorsfund.org) is one of the largest charities granting financial assistance for college to cancer survivors. Students who qualify for the scholarship must write an essay about their experiences and commit to volunteer work with children who have faced similar health challenges.

Scholarships for students with learning disabilities are available from a variety of sources. The National Association of Learning Disabilities (www.ld.org) gives $10,000 each year to exemplary students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and other learning disabilities through the Anne Ford & Allegra Ford Scholarship. The NCLD also offer support resources to students apart from the scholarship program.

More information about scholarships for students with medical conditions is available in the scholarships profiles section of FinancialAidFinder.

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