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Udall Scholars and Little Eagle Free American Indian Scholarships

Udall Foundation

Scholarship Name: Udall Scholars
Description: Combining support for environmental activists, aspiring health care professionals and Native American students, the Udall Foundation – whose tagline is Civility, Integrity, Consensus – offers scholarships of up to $5,000 each year in three categories, for students in their sophomore and junior years of college. Eligible students must be Native American to qualify for the Native American health care and tribal public policy scholarships, but students of any background can apply for the environmental studies and natural resource issues scholarship. The scholarship committee is looking for students who are already starting to map out their careers in these three fields, and have been thoughtful about how they can make a real contribution to those around them. Nominees are selected by region of the United States, while 10 truly outstanding students will receive prizes. In addition to the scholarship award, recipients of the Udall Scholarship will have to opportunity to attend a four-day orientation conference in Tuscan, Arizona.
Award: up to $5,000
Awards per Year: 130
Award is Open to:
Undergraduate Students (Sophomores and Juniors)
Major/Field of Study: Environmental Studies, Tribal Public Policy, Health Care
How to Apply/Contact: Application instruction are available on the Udall Foundation website. Those students applying for the tribal public policy, or Native American health care scholarships will also have to submit proof of membership or descent for their tribe or band.
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Little Eagle Free

Scholarship Name: American Indian Scholarship
Description: Little Eagle Free is a small foundation determined to providing scholarships that fill the gap for Native American students paying for colleges. These small scholarships of $500 are open to Native American students who are attending college in California. Little Eagle Free is looking for students who have a clear path and vision of their future, and who are committed to promoting education and their own tribal heritage. All applicants will be asked to show proof of membership to their tribe or band.
Awards per year: Varies
Award is Open to: High School Seniors, Undergraduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: The downloadable application is available here, and can be submitted via postal mail to the address given.
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