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Constructed Languages Scholarships

Klingon Language Institute

Scholarship Name: KLI Academic Award, Kor Memorial Scholarship
Description: Maybe you’ve been watching too much Star Trek or Lord of the Rings, and those made up fantasy languages are starting to make sense to you. Perhaps you’ve even starting speaking Elvish to your mom, or Klingon to your girlfriend. If this sounds like a typical afternoon to you, you probably qualify for the Kor Memorial Scholarship.  Undergraduate and graduate language students are encouraged to apply (through nominations from their department chairs) and though fluency in Klingon is not required, familiarity with “constructed languages” is the basis for this award.
Award: $500
Awards per Year: 1
Award is open to: Undergraduate and graduate students
Major/Field of Study: Foreign Languages, Linguistics
How to Apply/Contact: For full details, including nomination information, visit the Klingon Language Institute website.

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