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AccountingWeb Scholarships – Vanguard Minority Scholarships

AccountingWeb Student Scholarship Program

Description: Undergraduate accounting majors can not only find some great information on the online resource AccountingWeb.com, they can also find the opportunity to make up to $500 in scholarship money. Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate accounting program are eligible for the scholarship, which require that students write a short (500 word) essay on a topic that relates to accounting (the topic changes every year; in 2009 it was “The Role of Accounting in Social Media.”
Award: $500
Awards per Year:
Award is Open to: Undergraduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Accounting
How to Apply/Contact: Visit AccountingWeb.com to find out more about this scholarship, including this year’s essay topic.
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Vanguard Investment Company

Scholarship Name: Vanguard Minority Scholarship Program
Description: The Vanguard investment company is sponsoring up to ten (10) $10,000 scholarship for minority students who will be entering their senior year of college. Qualified applicants must be enrolled full-time in an accredited four-year college of university in the United States, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0, and be studying business, finance, economics, IT or the liberal arts (i.e. not natural science or engineering). The scholarship committee is seeking candidates with a strong academic record, demonstrated leadership in school and community activities, work experience, and unusual personal or family circumstances. A strong personal statement and resume is also essential. Winning checks are made payable to the students’ school.
Award: $10,000
Awards per Year: 10
Award is Open to: Undergraduate Students (Juniors)
Major/Field of Study: Business, Finance, Economics, IT, Liberal Arts
How to Apply/Contact: Apply for the scholarship online at http://sms.scholarshipamerica.org/vanguard/index.html.
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