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CampusReform.org Scholarship & Oakseed Ministries Essay Contest

Leadership Institute

Scholarship Name: Leadership Institute’s CampusReform.org Scholarship
Description: Here’s a great scholarship opportunity: It’s open to any and all students admitted to or enrolled in an undergraduate degree program. In addition to winning a $3,000 scholarship, you will also receive an all expense-paid trip to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s annual Dinner for Western Civilization, and all expense-paid trip to any one of the Leadership Institute’s 41 training schools. Second place is a $2,000 (plus full scholarship to one of the 41 schools) and third prize is $1,000 (plus a full scholarship).
How to Apply: To apply, fill out an online application and submit an original essay of no more than 2,500 words which answers one of the following two topics:
Comment on Professor Donald Livingston’s essay “David Hume and the Conservative Tradition”, in which he argues that “conservatism is a critique of ideology in politics.” (For more details visit the website.)
or…During the Cold War, American conservative opposition to ideological politics (“false philosophy”) coincided neatly with opposition to Soviet communism. Since the fall of the Soviet empire, however, the dangers and distortions of ideology have faded from the minds of many, including many conservatives. Based on your reading of Professor Livingston’s essay, how would you describe the dominant “false philosophy” of the present time in America? Essays will be judged on your grasp of Hume’s arguments, your imagination in answering the question, the qualify of your writing and the relevance of your thesis to contemporary politics and culture.
Award: $3,000
Awards per Year: Varies
Award is Open to: Undergraduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: CampusReform.org is the Leadership Institute’s college reform website, and contains information about this and other Leadership Institute scholarships.
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Oakseed Ministries International

Scholarship Name: Compassion and the Imprisoned Child Essay Contest
Description: Did you know that, according to the United Nations, over one million children around the world are living in prison without legal assistance or even the possibility of a fair trial? For the sixth consecutive year, Oakseed Ministries International is inviting students to explore the issues facing children in prison and to offer innovative ideas to help them in a personal perspectives essay. There are two age categories: 17 & under and 18-22. For those in the older category, you must submit an essay addressing the issues and solutions for imprisoned children of no more than 7,500 characters (approximately 1,500 words). The younger age category may submit essays of 5,000 characters or less (equivalent to approximately 1,000 words). Cite your sources in the text and present your own individual perspective on this topic. Essays will be judged based on awareness of the problem, analysis of the issue and the writer’s personal response to it, and proper spelling and grammar. All essays must be the original work of the writer. Essay submissions are welcome in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese. The first place essay in each age category will win $1,000. Second place essays will receive $500 and ‘honorable mention’ will receive $250 each.
Award: $250 – $1,000
Awards per Year: 6
Award is Open to: High School Students, Undergraduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: Please visit the Oakseed Ministries International website to learn more about the organization. Oakseed Ministries has set up a web page entirely devoted to the essay contest, from which you can learn more about the annual topic and download an application.
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