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Boeing HBCU and Goldman Sachs Scholarships

Goldman Sachs

Scholarship Name: Goldman Sachs Scholarships for Excellence
Description: If you can put aside the most recent news about Goldman Sachs, forget the word bailout and recognize Goldman Sachs as one of the leading financial services companies. What you might not know is that Goldman Sachs is also one of the most philanthropic financial services companies in the world, offering a wide range of both domestic (the 10,000 Businesses initiative recently announced expansion to New Orleans) and international (the 10,000 Women initiative targets small business owners in developing countries in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia). What does this mean for college students looking for extra money for college? Goldman Sachs offers two generous scholarships for both undergraduate and MBA students through the Goldman Sachs Scholarships for Excellence program College juniors can apply for the $5,000 scholarship, which actually increases to $10,000 in the student’s junior year. The MBA scholarships includes a $15,000 award, and both opportunities include an offer of a paid summer internship at the Goldman Sachs office. That’s a scholarship and summer internship in one! Both scholarships seek to involved more under-represented groups (Black, Latino and Native American students) in the financial services industry, and are part of the companies commitment to diversity.
Amount: $5,000 – $15,000
Awards per Year: Varies
Award is Open to: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Open, Business
How to Apply/Contact: The Goldman Sachs website contains more information about the Goldman Sachs Scholarships for Excellence program, as well as a download-able application for the scholarship.
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Scholarship Name: HBCU Scholarships
Description: You’ve no doubt traveled on their planes but did you know about their scholarships? Sure, Boeing is a leader in the production and development of commercial aircraft, but it’s also a Fortune 500 company with a commitment to social responsibility, specifically through partnerships with a number of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) that award scholarships and grants to students of color. Like many other large companies, Boeing does not provide scholarships directly to students, but rather provide grants directly to partner schools that are passed onto students. In addition, Boeing rewards National Merit Scholars who are also children and dependents of Boeing employees. National Merit Scholarship finalist are chosen based on PSAT performance.
Amount: Varies
Awards per Year: Varies
Award is Open to: High School Juniors, Undergraduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: The Boeing website doesn’t provide a ton of information about these scholarships. Instead, students are encouraged to contact the financial aid office of their college or university (HBCU) to find out more about how to apply to and qualify for scholarships. Boeing Employee National Merit Scholarships are handled directly by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, and are awarded directly by them after students have taken the PSAT.
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