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Mercedes Benz and Costco Scholarships


Scholarship Name: Drive Your Future Scholarship
Description: Some of us might see going to college as a progression of our education – like it is a given that going to college is the next step after receiving a high school diploma. We take for granted the supports and help that we get with admissions applications, scholarships and test preparations. For many American students, going to college is something new and being the first in a family to go to college can be daunting, both emotionally and financially. The Mercedes-Benz Drive Your Future Scholarships was created to try and ease some of the burden of going to college through a $10,000 scholarship ($2,500 per year). Students must be the first in their family to attend college and demonstrate financial need, in addition to having a GPA of at least 3.0. More than 100 scholarships are awarded each year, with the number increasing every year. Preference is given to students who have shown triumph over adversity, and who come from underprivileged backgrounds.
Award: $10,000
Awards per year: 100
Scholarship is Open to: High School Seniors
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: The scholarship application is only available on the Mercedes-Benz website while the company is accepting applicants – otherwise it is relatively difficult to find. However, you can continue to check the website in the fall of each year for the scholarship announcement and application instructions.
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Costco Wholesale

Scholarship Name: Costco Scholarship Fund
Description: Of the many Fortune 500 companies that give back to the community, some have a much more targeted pool of applicants than others. In the case of Costco Wholesale (you probably know them by their giant tubs of pretzels and free samples), the big box store has actually partnered with two individual universities to offer scholarships to students. With the College Success Foundation, Costco offers scholarships to students at the University of Washington and Seattle University. The scholarships are given as part of the the campus’ diversity initiatives, and are intended for students from underrepresented backgrounds and groups. The scholarship award is substantial (usually ~$10,000 per year) and is renewable every year. Applying for the Costco Scholarship is as easy as applying to either of the universities, and applications are automatically considered as part of the applications and financial aid process.
Award: $2,500 – $14,500
Awards per year: Varies
Scholarship is Open to: High School Students, Undergraduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Open
How to Apply/Contact: Students from underrepresented groups who apply to the University of Washington or Seattle University are automatically considered for the Costco Scholarship. To find out more, please visit http://www.costcoscholarshipfund.org/.
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