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Helping the Elderly & Muskingum County Student Scholarships

Aging Community Team (ACT I)

Scholarship Name: ACT I Scholarship
Description: The Aging Community Team is a local nonprofit group based in Palm Desert, California which provides programs for the elderly. The organization also offers college scholarships to students of all ages who are interested in promoting programs for the elderly. Eligible students must reside in an area covered by ACT I’s services (Southern California and Arizona). Preference for the scholarship is given to those individuals who have volunteered or perform community service specifically with ACT I, but those with experience with elderly, human and health services are also eligible, as are employees of the organization. Applicants should submit a personal essay outlining career and academic goals, as well as proof of enrollment in an educational program.
Award: Varies
Awards Per Year: Varies
Award Is Open To: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students
How to Apply/Contact: Outreach for this scholarship is usually conducted through employees and staff of Aging Community Team I and partner organizations in Southern California. Some information is also available on the ACT I website (Note 1/25/13 – This award may no longer be offered).
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Muskingum County Community Foundation

Scholarship Name: Muskingum County Community Foundation Scholarship
Description: They say that the best place to start looking for college scholarship money is close to home, and the Muskingum County Community Foundation (MCCF) more than proves this to be true. In addition to providing a comprehensive listing of scholarships available to students local to Ohio, MCCF offers its own scholarship to outstanding local students through it’s Community Youth Foundation. The CYF comprises local high school students who are trying to make a difference in their community, through volunteering and raising money for local charities and organizations. They also identify and reward young people who are doing their part to make a difference, distributing grants and scholarships to their peers, like the Woman of Achievement program. This program really stands out from other scholarship programs with it’s by students, for students model.
Award: Varies
Awards Per Year: Varies
Award Is Open To: High School Students (under 18)
How to Apply/Contact: If you are local to Muskingum County or Ohio, you should definitely check out the Scholarship Central section of the Muskingum County Community Foundation website for more information about the Community Youth Foundation, a listing of local scholarships available to Ohio students, and tips for filling out scholarship applications and completing the FAFSA.
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