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Poetry Writing Scholarships – Ruth Lilly & Live Poetry Society Scholarships

Poetry Foundation

Scholarship Name: Ruth Lilly Poetry Awards
Description:Young people express themselves in many ways through arts, dance, robotics, service…you name it! For all of the young poets out there, your form of art and expression could earn you $15,000 in college scholarship money from the Poetry Foundation. The program consists of a poetry contest, which unpublished and unknown poets can compete in for the scholarship prize money. Manuscripts are submitted to the editors of Poetry Magazine who chose each year’s winner. There are five scholarship winners each year. Unlike most scholarship programs, the $15,000 prize can be used for just about anything, and is not pid directly to the college or university that you are attending. Instead, the Poetry Foundation recognizes that the academic path of a poet might be a bit different from other professions, and offers the scholarship to make getting down that path a little bit easier. Winning poets will be featured in Poetry Magazine, and on the Poetry Foundation website.
Awards per year: 5
Award Is Open To: Undergraduate Students
How to Apply/Contact: For a complete list of requirements and manuscript submission instructions, please visit the Poetry Foundation website.
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Live Poets Society of New Jersey

Scholarship Name: High School Poetry Contest
Description: There seems to be a lot on interest in New Jersey lately (and for some pretty strange reasons), but the Live Poets Society of New Jersey is one of the great reasons to give the state your attention, especially if you are young poet looking for some free money for college. Going beyond the usual, well, writing emphasis of most poetry contests, the Live Poets Society encourages applicants to take a spiritual journey through their poetry, and to submit work that reflects this journey. An important part of the scholarships is actually not money-related, but rather an emphasis on helping your poets get their work out to the public. That’s why each scholarship winner also gets a chance to have their poem featured in American High School Poets’ Just Poetry, the National Poetry Quarterly.
Award: $100 – $500
Awards per year: Varies
Award Is Open To: High School Students
How to Apply/Contact: Please visit the www.highschoolpoetrycontest.com/Live Poets Society of New Jersey website to find out more about how to submit your work to the High School Poetry Contest.
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