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Veterinary Scholarships

Many children dream of one day becoming a veterinarian, marine biologist and zookeepers and having the opportunity to work one-on-one with animals. While many people outgrow these kinds of dreams, there are still many great college programs for animal lovers for careers in a variety of industries.

Scholarships for animal lovers are not as abundant as those for more mainstream careers like business and engineering, but many opportunities exist for animal studies students looking for financial assistance to pay for college.

And these are not limited to veterinary and marine sciences either. Many scholarships are designed to raise awareness about animal rights and treatment, and reward students for their volunteering and dedication to animal rights causes.

Animal lover scholarships like the Humane Education Network’s A Voice for Animals Essay Contest are looking for students’ ideas about animal issues, and awards up to $1,000. Serious advocates can qualify for up to $1,500 in scholarships for animal rights from the Humane Society of the United States.

If you love animals, but aren’t an activists, you can still qualify for other types of animal lover scholarships. Students involved in equine racing, training or management are eligible for The Thoroughbred Scholarships sponsored by The Race for Education. The scholarship is open to students under the age of 24, and awards up to $6,000 in free money for college.

If you are interested in veterinary school and animal health, there are many animal lover scholarships out there to help you achieve your goals. Scholarships for veterinary school are often offered by medical companies or by veterinary schools themselves. The high cost of school for veterinary science means that scholarships for future veterinarians are often substantial and available to undergrads and graduate students alike. In most cases school-specific scholarships will offer more aid than national scholarships, but a combination of both types of vet school scholarships can really help pave the way for you to become a veterinarian.

More information about animal lover scholarships is available in the Student Scholarship Search section of FinancialAidFinder.

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