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Agriculture and Food Science Scholarships

If you prefer to spend your weekends at the farmer’s market, know the benefits organic farming or more comfortable on a tractor than in a sports car you might be interested in some of the scholarships for agriculture and food science available for college students.

Food science and agriculture are very diverse fields, and the scholarships offered are just as diverse, and are offered by colleges and universities, private food companies and national foundations and organizations.

One of the largest programs for agricultural students seeking scholarships is offered by the United States Department of Agriculture. More than a traditional scholarship program, the USDA offer students attending historically black universities with money for college in exchange for a year of employment with the USDA after graduation.

Non-governmental scholarship programs are in many cases sponsored by food companies, like the Annie’s Homegrown Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship. Annie’s is famous for promoting organic living with their food products, and award $50,000 worth of scholarships to sustainable agriculture students every year.

Scholarships for farmers and farmers kids are also available for those who are looking to continue family traditions after college. The National Farmers Union offers $1,000 and $2,000 scholarships to children of union members each year. There are even more opportunities in states that have a higher percentage of farms like South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana.

Food scholarships are all reserved for farming and agriculture. One of the more wacky scholarships for food science is for the study of candy. We all know that candy doesn’t make itself, so the American Association of Candy Technologists is looking for students interested in food science to get excited about the business of creating candy by offering college scholarships every year.

New agriculture and food technology scholarships are added to FinancialAidFinder as they are uncovered.

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