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Computer Science Scholarships

Right now, you’re sitting at a computer, typing into a popular search engine and taking notes using a text editor. Everything you are doing at this moment is the result of the study of computer science.

If you’ve decided to join the ranks of software developers, computer engineers, analysts and researchers, you are no doubt considering studying computer science.

Many of the top computer science programs also come with a hefty price tag, and you’ll need to find out how to find scholarships for computer science studies

One of the benefits of studying computer science is that the Internet is such a powerful scholarship search tool. And the search engines, hardware companies and software manufacturers that you are currently using to find scholarships for computer science majors are also the financial aid providers. Google, Dell and the Gates Foundation all offer scholarships to bright, talented students who are pursuing degrees in computer engineering, software development and other computer-related fields.

There are many scholarship options for computer science and information technology majors. For high school students, Intel sponsors the highly prestigious annual Intel Science Talent Search. This nationwide competition rewards outstanding projects with up to $100,000 for college, an Intel laptop computer, and the opportunity to attend the Intel Science Talent Institute. There are also prizes for finalists and semi-finalists.

Graduate students can also take advantage of scholarships for computer science study in the form of research fellowships and grants for college. These funding opportunities are often given in conjunction with a local computer or technology business that works with your university to offer scholarships to graduate students, as well as internships.

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