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Scholarships for English Majors

If you have a way with words, are more comfortable with a good book or in front of the television, or dream of being the next great American novelist, you’ll probably pursue English as your college major.

Once thought to be a fast-track to teaching, English degrees have become some of the most versatile degrees out there.

English degrees can lead to careers of all shapes and sizes: lawyers, fiction writers, journalists and publicists.

Journalism scholarships for English majors are usually put aside for students who participated in their school newspaper, yearbook or website. Most awards require you to submit examples of your work, either as a writer or editor.

You can also use your English writing experience to take advantage of essay contests as a means of getting more financial aid for college. Essay contests exist on a variety of themes, many having to do with current events or your dreams for the future. For Example, the Optimism International Essay Contest asks students to write an essay about “The Power of Youth.” Unlike many scholarships, most essay contests are one time awards and cannot be renewed. The WikiAnswers Scholarship Fund offers scholarships to students who answer a series of questions on their website.

As English majors rise in popularity, the number of scholarships has also increased, and the opportunities aren’t just for writers! Students with an enthusiasm for literature can also apply to scholarships, like Arizona State University’s Nick Ivins Memorial Literature Scholarship for English majors with a passion for James Joyce’s work.

Most literature scholarships are distributed my individual colleges and universities. Read more about scholarships for English majors in the scholarship profiles.

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