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International Studies Scholarships

With an increasingly globalized economy and workforce, many college students are looking to gain a broader understanding of the world around them.

One of the ways to do this is to pursue a degree in International Studies.

International studies can take on a variety of models. Some universities offer International Affairs degrees, while others allow a student to pursue a international minor within business or economics.

This gives students who are looking for scholarships and financial aid the ability to look to a number of sources for money to help pay for college.

Since many international affairs programs have a study or travel abroad component, study abroad scholarships are a great place to start looking for international studies scholarships. We have made that search a little easier by compiling a list of some of the best study abroad scholarships available, right here on FinancialAidFinder.com.

But what about paying for international study here at home? A great place to start looking for money to pay for your international studies degree is with internship and fellowship programs. Since international affairs degrees are very much geared towards the professional world, on-the-job experience is on the utmost importance. As a result, many foundations and government organizations (like the U.S. State Department) have programs that give students the opportunity to work either domestically with an international organization, or to work abroad for the semester or a summer. In many cases, the program will also provide tuition assistance and stipends. The Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Fellowship is one of the most coveted scholarships for foreign affairs, and includes a $50,000 award for students interested in the Foreign Service.

Another great source of scholarships for international studies is professional organizations.

Many organizations like Women in International trade will reach out to younger potential members by offering scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study. These funds can generally be applied to study both at a U.S. institution, and abroad.

At the graduate level, often the best source of scholarship funds for international affairs majors is the institutions themselves. There are many endowed scholarships available through the financial aid offices of some of the major international affairs programs.

Finding a scholarship for a degree in International Affairs can start in many places. Sometimes you can find a scholarship for study of a particular geographical area, or combine your interest in international affairs with another related major like law or political science.

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