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Design School and Footwear Design Scholarships

Simple Human

Scholarship Name: Simple Solutions Design Competition
Description: You know those guys that make the functional and attractive garbage cans that you see at Bed, Bath and Beyond? That’s Simple Human, and they are offering a design competition that could earn you $5,000 for design school. Simple Human designs "tools for efficient living", and hosts a competition to find out who has the best idea or invention that could help improve quality of life through industrial design. Design students at NASAD-accredited design schools are invited to take part in the competition, and it is completely free to enter. You can even enter more than one housewares product or innovation for consideration.
Award: $5,000
Awards per Year: 1
Award is Open to: Design students in NASAD-accredited schools
Major/Field of Study: Design
How to Apply/Contact: You can read more about the kinds of submissions Simple Human is looking for on their website.

Two Ten Footwear Foundation

Scholarship Name: Two Ten Higher Education Scholarships
Description: Two Ten Footwear Foundation is a great organization that is dedicated to support those who work in the leather and footwear industry and their families. This includes counseling and other types of emergency assistance, in addition to financial support. They offer scholarships for higher education based on academic excellence, leadership and even one that is specifically for students interested in footwear design. Higher Education scholarships are earmarked for students with a demonstrated financial need while other scholarships, like the Footwear Design Scholarships are open to everyone. To qualify for design scholarships, you’ll need to submit a portfolio of your work as well as a statement about your motivation to study design. Higher Education scholarships can grant up to $15,000 for college, while Footwear Design Scholarships vary from $1,000 to $5,000.
Award: $1,000 – $15,000
Awards per Year: varies
Award is Open to: Students involved in the footwear industry, or family members of people involved in the footwear industry
Major/Field of Study: Footwear Design
How to Apply/Contact: Scholarship applications and eligibility requirements are available at the Two Ten Foundation website.

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