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Academy of Optometry and Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarships

American Medical Association

Scholarship Name: Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship
Description: Three prestigious scholarships, offered by the American Medical Association, are offered every year to outstanding students in medical school. Each scholarship opportunity has a different focus: general medicine, medical journalism or medical communication of science. Each scholarship for medical students requires a commitment to academic excellence, as well as a demonstrated financial need. Communication of science refers to medical students who have focused on teaching and/or mentoring activities. In addition to these three scholarship funds, there are also two awards set aside every year for medical students in Oklahoma.
Award: $5,000
Awards per year: Two
Award is Open to: High School Seniors
Major/Field of Study: Medicine
How to Apply/Contact: Students cannot apply directly for the Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship, but must be nominated by the dean of their medical school; schools nominate one person for each of the scholarship opportunities. For more information about scholarships offered by the American Medical Association, please visit the AMA website.
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American Academy of Optometry

Scholarship Name: Vincent Salierno Scholarship
Description: Students pursuing a doctorate in optometry are eligible for a memorial scholarship in honor of Vincent Salierno from the American Academy of Optometry. Students in their second, third or fourth year are nominated by their institutions for one of five scholarships; only full-time students will be considered. The scholarship award will be renewed each year as long as the student maintains a G.P.A. of at least 3.0. Students must be attending one of the American Academy of Optometry-recognized colleges of optometry (a full list is available here).
Award: $1,500
Awards per year: Two – Five
Award is Open to: Graduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Optometry
How to Apply/Contact: To find out more about the eligible colleges, scholarship requirements and nomination process for the Vincent Salierno Scholarship, please visit the American Academy of Optometry website.
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