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National Health Service and Benefis Healthcare Scholarships

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Scholarships Name: National Health Service Corps
Description: This competitive national scholarship programs seeks students who are already enrolled in health professions studies who are willing to work for two years after graduation in a high-need area with the national government (usually the Health Resources and Services Administration). The programs offers full tuition, a living stipend, and fees including books, uniforms and laboratory fees. In addition to the scholarship program, health professionals in Health Professional Shortage Areas (medical doctors, dentists, certified nurse midwives, family nurse practitioners and physicians assistants) who are currently in school can apply for loan repayment.
Award: Full tuition, plus stipend
Awards per Year: Varies
Award is Open to: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students
Major/Field of Study: Medicine, Nursing, Health Care
How to Apply/Contact: You can apply online through the U.S. Health and Human Services administration website.
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Benefis Healthcare Foundation

Scholarships Name: Healthcare Scholarship Program
Description: In an effort to strengthen recruiting efforts within the Benefis Healthcare System, the Healthcare Scholarship Program was devised to assist those those looking to change careers into the health care professions in paying for their advanced certification and accreditation. There are a number of components to the healthcare scholarship program, which comprises various awards earmarked for certain health professions. The Medical Education Scholarship offers up to $2,500 to Benefis employees and college students looking to obtain or advance their health degree. There are also scholarships for physicians assistants, nurses and physical therapists. Scholarship recipients sign a work commitment with Benefis for guaranteed work after graduation.
Award: Up to $2,500
Awards per Year: Varies
Award is Open to: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Professionals
Major/Field of Study: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Health, Medicine
How to Apply Contact: All application information is available at theBenefis Foundation website.

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